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Life Events - Termination

If you are being laid-off or are taking a leave of absence, please consult your Benefits Department to determine company policy on these issues.  Your employer may have an internal policy for these situations whereby your insurance benefits can be continued for a short period of time.

Regardless of your company’s internal policy, if your employment is terminating (for reasons other than gross misconduct), or your work hours are being reduced so you will no longer be eligible for benefits as a full-time employee, you have the right to continue your Medical, Dental and/or Vision benefits under the federal COBRA continuation laws for up to 18 months. 

Your employer will notify the insurance company(s) that you are no longer a full-time employee and that your coverage should be discontinued.  You and your dependents (if applicable) who were also covered will be sent notification of your rights under COBRA, and from that notification date you will have 60 days to enroll for COBRA continuation coverage and pay the necessary premiums.

Please note that the COBRA rights extend to the Flexible Spending Account as well if you are participating in that.  Please consult your HR Department about the specifics of this.

If you have Group Life Insurance coverage that will be discontinued due to your reduction in work hours or termination, you may convert this Life Insurance to an Individual policy, and pay the necessary premiums.

Please consult your Benefits Department for the necessary forms to be completed, and they will submit them to the appropriate insurance companies and/or administrators.

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