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Life Events - Death

Our condolences on your loss.  Hopefully, this section can assist you somewhat in at least organizing and clarifying some things for you with regards to your Benefits as you go through this tough time.

If the deceased was covered for Life Insurance, the claim process for these coverages is one of the first things to get underway.  Please consult your Benefits Department for the necessary forms to be completed, and they will submit them to the appropriate insurance companies and/or administrators.

With regards to the Medical, Dental and/or Vision coverages, if the death was an employee participating in those coverages, the dependents who were also covered can elect COBRA continuation of those coverages for a period of up to 36 months, paying the necessary premiums.  The dependents will receive notification of their rights under COBRA, and from that notification date, they will have a period of 60 days to apply for the COBRA continuation and pay the necessary premiums.

If the death was a covered dependent, and if the employee participates in the Flexible Spending Account/Dependent Care Account, the employee may choose at this time to decrease or cease the contribution to this account for the dependent.  Again, please contact your Benefits Department for the necessary forms to be completed.

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